The Future of Tissue Processing - Amsterdam, The Netherlands


On October 31 and November 1, 2012, The Future of Tissue Processing event took place at the EYE, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Present at the event were senior staff from tissue banks, high ranking orthopaedic surgeons, senior European regulatory affairs and companies from the MedTech industry across Europe, USA and Asia.

The ultimate challenge for tissue bankers in processing musculoskeletal tissue is to release allografts that are both safe and effective. The use of scCO2 technique can, therefore, overcome many of the shortcomings of traditional processing, as tissue is thoroughly cleaned without jeopardising its biological or mechanical features.

The objective of the conference was to raise awareness on these benefits on the nowadays orthopaedic practice, an objective that we feel was ultimately achieved, given the highly positive feedback from the vast majority of the attendees.

Please find items such as the speakers' presentations, list of attendees and a gallery with pictures from the event. EMCM would like to thank all the speakers and attendees for their contribution for such a successful meeting and hopes to continue to help drawing attention to this important matter.

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