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About EMCM

Established in 1993, European Medical Contract Manufacturing B.V. (EMCM) has grown to a centre of excellence in developing and manufacturing sterile medicinal products in GMP and ISO accredited facilities, that cater to the markets of Biomaterials, Pharmaceuticals and Tissue Engineering specialties conforming to the standards of the USFDA, EMEA & ISO.

Our focus lies on those products which have unique qualities, serve niche markets and where the skill and expertise of our organisation can make a difference to the lives of millions tomorrow.

EMCM a centre of exelence in developing and manufacturing medicinal products
Extraordinary products are supported by exceptional technologies

Company profile

EMCM employs approximately 100 employees and operates in over 2000 m2 of GMP accredited classified areas (clean rooms), conforming to ISO & GMP standards for compliant manufacturing of medical products.

Using such qualified facilities EMCM produces a broad range of medical products and offers complete custom made service and product packages: from product development, through regulatory affairs, purchasing and manufacturing to final packaging, warehousing and distribution.

For our own products, EMCM focuses on the identification of product possibilities, design of products, development of products and manufacturing processes. EMCM manufactures Bone cements for Hip and Knee Arthroplasty (C-Ment® Line) & Vertebroplasty (Vebroplast®) procedures. In addition, EMCM supplies medtech companies with a gelatin based, resorbable cement restrictor (C-Plug®) and an anti-adhesive gel to prevent the formation of scar tissue in spinal procedures (Adcon® gel) . These products have been on the European market for over 10 years and are classified as Medical Devices and possess a valid CE mark.

EMCM a centre of exelence in developing and manufacturing medicinal products
Exceptional technologies are supported by an extraordinary knowledge base

Supporting Opportunities

As a customer driven organisation that believes in contributing to the quality of life by delivering high quality products and services, EMCM incorporates a “no-compromise on quality” policy, ensures that your innovations are delivered in the safest of environments.

Our shared values and guiding principles upholding ethical standards of integrity and business are the basis of everything we do. This has resulted in long lasting relationships between EMCM and its employees, customers and authorities.

EMCM a centre of exelence in developing and manufacturing medicinal products
And an extraordinary knowledge base is supported by exceptional people

The EMCM Advantage

We support opportunities while you deliver them, through:

  • B2B model for development and manufacturing
  • Compliant and reliable Quality Systems
  • End-to-end service solutions
  • Up scaling, process validation, production, packaging, warehousing and distribution
  • Fully licensed GMP operations
  • Support in sales and product registration
  • Flexibility to ensure your innovation is on the market