Contract Manufacturing for medicinal products, offers support services like packaging warehousing and logistics

Warehousing & Logistics

The activities of EMCM go further than just the production of your products. In our GMP warehouse a motivated team of GMP trained employees are ready to respond to your wishes and requirements when it comes to warehousing, value added logistics and global export of your products.

Why Good Manufacturing Practice? EMCM believes that GMP should cover all facets of the warehouse. Construction, safety, pest control, training, inventory management, FEFO, track & trace, self inspection, equipment quality, etc. EMCM offers only the highest quality for the storage of your products which will lead to a high degree of satisfaction to you, as a customer.

The warehouse activities of EMCM focus mainly on the pharmaceutical industry and just about every imaginable way of GMP storage is possible in our GMP warehouse. In addition to the storage at room temperature (15-25°C), we also have the opportunity to store your products in a conditioned way (2-85°C, -21°C, -80°C), and also the possibility of storage of dangerous goods. So after production, there is direct possibility to store your products at EMCM which will lead to direct cost optimisation. From our GMP warehouse you are then able to provide the world of your high quality products. Of course, the storage and transport of your products always happens according to the current guidelines.

From our GMP warehouse, EMCM is able to offer various value added services. So we are capable to take over the full inventory management from you; from raw material to manufactured parts. Thanks to our ERP system we are able to trace your products at all times, provide the status of your products and of course it is possible for you to offer your orders electronically. From the delivery of your raw materials up to the bill, everything can be done electronically at EMCM. Other value added services can include providing transport and custom documents, but also customer-specific packaging or labelling of your products before they are sent off.

Therefore, if you are looking for that ideal combination of production and logistics services, or just looking for the ideal environment for your high quality products, please contact us about availability and we will invite you for a tour in our GMP warehouse.