Research & Development

R&D, Tech Transfer and Validations

Research & Development

EMCM cooperates with global companies and works with various European and national universities in Research & Development in projects to increase the depth of our existing portfolios.

We continue to enhance our existing products and expand their distribution in global markets through innovation and research.

Xenograft for dental and orthopaedic applications

EMCM has developed a dental membrane for a global leader in the dental market.

The membrane is to provide a barrier between soft and hard tissue. The product is derived from an animal source and is processed into a decellularised as well as delipidised sterile product for dental application.

EMCM has incorporated a novel approach for cleaning and sterilisation of this membrane which involves supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2). The product is well received in the market due to its excellent properties and demand is rapidly increasing.

Tech Transfer and Validations

EMCM is designed to transfer your product from the lab to a validated production process.

Our specialists can help you with all the required validation studies such as cleaning validation, mixing validation, sterilization validation, container closure integrity studies, transport validation etc..

Also validation of sterility testing, bioburden and all kind of validations of chemical tests can be arranged. Required documents (e.g. reports, Validation Masterplan, FMEA) will be generated for your submission.

Special Requests

EMCM is always interested to investigate the possibility to develop, together with the customer, a dedicated manufacturing process for the needs of their product.

May it be a process for the filling of dual syringes, impregnation of membranes with hormones or filling of customer specific pouches, EMCM is your partner to manufacture your product.