Contract Manufacturing for medicinal products, with a variety of in-house technologies

Freeze drying

Freeze drying, also known as lyophilisation, is a well known technique which extracts water in order to preserve solids. Nowadays, this technique is used to develop novel (bio)-pharmaceuticals and biomaterials.

After the freeze drying procedure is completed, products can be stored at room temperature and generally have a longer shelf-life compared to non-freeze-dried products. In addition, this procedure omits the use of (chemical) conservatives and leaves a smaller carbon-footprint as the need for cold storage facilities is not required.


Freeze-drying Freeze-drying

EMCM can offer freeze drying services to its customers for a wide variety of products and production scales.

EMCM is pleased to showcase its Zirbus which has been fully qualified for GMP use. The Zirbus has a condenser capacity of 40 kg/hour and has 9 shelves of 40 by 60 cm and an automatic stoppering system for vials.

EMCM’s staff is experienced in adapting this technology for customer-based requirements due to its longstanding expertise in the medical contract manufacturing industry and handling a large variety of biomedical products.