Contract Manufacturing for medicinal products, with a variety of in-house technologies

Freeze drying

Freeze drying, also known as lyophilisation, is a well known technique which extracts water in order to preserve solids. Nowadays, this technique is used to develop novel pharmaceuticals, biomaterials and a range of soft and hard tissues.

Freeze drying allows gentle preservation, retaining the original 3D structure of a biomaterial or tissue which is important for graft-adherence when applied in the clinic.

After the freeze drying procedure is completed, products can be stored at room temperature and generally have a longer shelf-life compared to non-freeze-dried products. In addition, this procedure omits the use of (chemical) conservatives and leaves a smaller carbon-footprint as the need for cold storage facilities is not required.


Freeze-drying Freeze-drying

EMCM can offer freeze drying services to its customers for a wide variety of products and production scales.

EMCM is pleased to showcase its Zirbus which has been fully qualified for GMP use. The Zirbus has a condenser capacity of 40 kg/hour and has a size of 60 cm by 80 cm. This technique can be used to freeze dry different types of soft and hard tissues which results in excellent storage conditions.

Furthermore, we can offer freeze drying services for pharmaceutical products. Powders are manufactured by a lyophilisation process to build e.g. complex structures or porous matrixes. Freeze drying can also be used for coating purposes with, for example, antibiotics. EMCM’s staff is experienced in adapting this technology for customer-based requirements due to its longstanding expertise in the medical contract manufacturing industry and handling a large variety of biomedical products.