Contract Manufacturing for medicinal products, with a variety of in-house technologies like sterilisation services


All non-aseptic production processes end with sterilisation and EMCM provides the full range of finished product sterilisation by in-house steam sterilisation as well as outsourced sterilisation services.

Steam sterilisation

A steam-air steriliser is available at EMCM for the heat sterilisation of closed containers, filled syringes and the final heat treatment of products.

Sterilisation by gamma-, x-ray-, and beta-radiation, Ethylene-oxide

EMCM offers sterilisation services for all products where steam sterilisation is not an option and has many years of experience with reliable partners for the sterilisation of products through gamma-, x-ray-, and beta-radiation, Ethylene-oxide.

Supercritical carbon dioxide

Supercritical CO2 (scCO2) has excellent sterilisation properties. Terminal sterilisation is often seen as a challenge for hydrogels and temperature-sensitive or fragile products. The scCO2 approach shows great promise for final sterilisation of various tissues or products.